Painting in fieldThe dual principals of rich contrasts and broad brush strokes guide Kathy Miller's works in oil and acrylic on canvas.

Though she continues to grow through workshop and retreat studies with other artists, Kathy Miller is primarily self-taught.  Working from her barn studio on a cotton farm near Auburn, Alabama, she produces works whose tone and content are inspired by the pastoral nature of her home.

Kathy's work has a broad appeal, with her paintings being acquired by patrons across the country and abroad.  Her art can be found
at Seven Oaks Gallery (Lakemont, GA), the Red Hill Gallery (Eclectic, AL), High Cotton (Alexander City, AL), Catawampus Gallery (Opelika, AL) and in Angel's Antiques in Opelika, AL.

You can also find Kathy's work at the Villager Gallery and Auburnart.com, both located in Auburn, AL.

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