Katherine Ann Miller is a German artist. Her childhood was fulfilled with creativity. When she was a teenager, she did a lot graphic and web design. Later, she became a media designer and worked many years in that field. She always had the desire to freely express her creativity, so 2021 she decided to fully concentrate on her passion and became a full-time artist.

Katherine works with acrylics, inks, watercolors, spray paint and different kind of materials for textures in her paintings. She uses her intuition to express herself with colors and movements using brushes, palette knives and her hands. With bright, vibrant and pastel colors she transforms her emotions, feelings and memories and turns them into paintings that exudes joy and positive energy. Emotional fantasy landscapes that are intuitively evolving to escape the routine of everyday life influenced by her love to nature. 
„Inspired from the love to nature I want to create and dive into a universe where I can forget everything around me. Where I can trust my inner voice, transform negative energy and change it to something positive and beautiful.“
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